Sunday, January 12, 2014

I just can't

nope not for me

I tried, I loved eating my beloved mayonnaise, hamburger's with cheese... fried egg in butter with cheese
but I felt like caw caw
I thought it would get better, I kept telling myself to hang in there
I watched Fathead yesterday
it all makes sense... so why do I feel like total CRAP!!!
it'll get better...
if this is so danged good for me why does my head feel so weird? I have a sore throat and a tingle in my nose.. I feel like puking, dizzy.. I am truthfully freaked out!!
I ate carbs today... lots and LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of them!!

tomorrow back to a more relaxed version of my old food

  1. protein coffee
  2. 2 hard boiled eggs and oatmeal with hemp, flax and chia 
  3. 18 almonds to snack on maybe a banana? 
  4. Fage Greek yogurt with blueberries 
  5. hubby's home made chili (small bowl) ... or not? 
  6. low carb La Tortilla with turkey, mustard and dill relish 
if I feel like it maybe a shake tomorrow night... I don't know 

well kudo's to my low carb pals... don't hate on me too bad! I have major respect for you. It's just not for me 

but I will be okay and go back to my old ways.. I think I have to accept 145 and realize 145 is good and not evil!! that 138 is attainable but not realist? what do you think? 145?
 I tell ya 145 looks smokin on Lap band gal!!! that's for sure!! 
yes I think we will go with goal weight of 145 from now on and chill da heck out 

I tell ya I have major respect for folks that do low carb induction.. I just couldn't hang 

on a lighter note... HAIRCUT!!! 

short and sassy, all the dyed color is gone!!! 
100% all my own hair!!! it took a year to grow out the hair dye! 
 see ya later bloggity folks 


  1. 145 looks great on you! Kudos for trying - I tried atkins once - many years ago - made it three days. Its not for everyone! Be happy - enjoy your food!

  2. Love your hair. My daughters thought I would look much younger without the grey streaks on the side that have been there for over ten years. I hated everything about dying my hair including how it looked and the smell and mess of dying it.

    I totally understand why you gave up on the low carb. Agree with Vanessa that it is not for everyone. Hang in there. You look skinny as all get out to me and that's the truth. :)

  3. You just gotta do you. I've also spent the last year growing out my dye job. Cheers for a new hair year.

  4. I think the pics of you at 145 AND 155 look great...

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