Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Induction day 2 recap

go I have to tell ya... I am LOVIN not worrying about calories 
I count them in order to count the carbs BUT I am not really paying attention to the number of calories, that's the general idea I took from reading all the low carb message boards 

morning coffee... THIS is a new favorite!! I am a total coffee junkie and this may very well be the scale tipper that keeps me doing low carb!! 

I am almost done with the egg white frittata I made, I am finishing it up today 

I went to pack a meal today (this chicken in the picture is a rotisserie chicken) and I pulled out from the refrigerator this morning cooked chicken breasts... I couldn't pack it as a meal... looked a dry and flavorless... I will grab another rotisserie chicken tonight on the way home...Yesterday was the marathon work day left home at 6:30 AM and got home at 8:50 pm... believe you me all I was thinking about last night was hitting the hay!!! 

so yesterday as I am eating these Jello cup's I am thinking to myself :::: all holier than thou::: how awesome I am for giving up sweeteners cold turkey... derp ass munch... these have aspartame in them!!!! I will pawn them off to my bookkeeper today 

I know when some folks realize I have jumped ship and am doing low carb they will give me grief 
my response: 

I am happy with everything so far ... appetite has decreased DRAMATICALLY!! 
I am down 3.4 pounds in 2 days!! wowsa!! 

see ya later taters 


  1. I dont intentionally eat low carb, but I focus on protein first, veg second, and try to stay away from useless carbs as much as possible. I like it!

  2. I'm definitely doing better with lower carbs! Loving my coffee and the no cravings :)

  3. I just scrolled back through your last few months of posts. I wanted to say that I love that you post pictures of your food. I am usually to lazy to do that but I love to look at others eats.


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