Thursday, January 2, 2014

January 2nd Part #2

I made killer turkey patties (last post) so I had to finish up what was left over ... odd breakfast, turkey loaf and oats, chia, flax and hemp but it was good 

lunch with my daughter 

dinner; pork with broccoli 

an old favorite 

I made a frittata; red bell pepper, onions, spinach, mushrooms, asparagus, ham  

egg whites and Jalapeno yogurt cheese... I just noticed it is lactose free... how is cheese lactose free? 

for a quarter of the pan!!! not counting any of the vegetables in the recipe 
vegetable's I don't worry about the calories 

looks delish... I cut it into 8th's then I put them on paper towels and squished the heck out of them.... I figured with the mushrooms and all the other veggies it would be watery and may not be appetizing. This frittata will last me 4 days
 by then it would have been uber watery ... lol Karla Science 

and this bad mamba gamba is sitting on the kitchen counter..... so I may have a shake or an Artic Zero if it starts calling my name later tonight 

Karla ~~~~~
Karla ~~~~~



  1. I didn't realize a frittata would keep for so many days. It sounds like something good to have ready for a quick snack/meal.

  2. That is some seriously AWESOME accountability! Keep it up my friend! You can do it

  3. That made me hungry! It all looks wonderful.


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