Saturday, January 18, 2014

Saturday Saturday takes all my cares away Saturday

or was that yesterday?

so I have been trying to figure this stuff out and ya know what? There is no hard and final answer for my dietary problems

A friend yesterday pointed out I have a poor relationship with food

could be some truth to that... ya think?
I do have an addictive personality. I slayed the booze beast... now I have a food beast
but food is a little tougher, you can't just STOP eating... where with booze you can just STOP

maybe I need to do some reading on food addiction.. or ones relationship with food... do these sort of books even exist? I am sure Barnes and Noble has them somewhere ... hope they aren't written by a quack...

I was cruising the blogs and Sean Anderson started posting again... I love that guy. I read him when I first started blogging back in 2010 and he was one of my inspirations to start this blog. So many of those bloggers are gone now. Reading his blog really made me realize that we all struggle. I don't need to feel shame because I am struggling. This is what I blog for... to help me and when this blog becomes a problem is when I feel pressure to impress... Who the heck am I trying to impress?

I AM STRUGGLING FOLKS!!!!  I have to work out part.. I freakin LOVE to work out! I am a gym junkie... but the food part now that is a whole nother ball game

I have someone I trust that is going to help get me back on track. I dumped my heart out yesterday and they are going to help me... Should I look into OA? Just a thought

Well I hope you are all feeling some good mow-Joe and all in the groove... if you are send me some good vibes... I need them!

later gaters


  1. I think that's why I took a break from blogging for a while. I was making food choices to please others. Now I'm back and just eating what make me feel good and is helping with the scale :) I also have way less cravings this way. Hope your mojo comes back asap

  2. hang in there and take it a day at a time..Oa can be restrictive -like the diet mentality can be and when we over-restrict and it can lead to those out of control times.. just a cycle of diet , blow it , diet harder , blow it harder etc.....That being said I have used the steps and it has helped but it is hard with the food model ....ya gotta eat.....Oa 's method is not the current belief system in most eating disorder studies and programs. ..

    good sites that may give answers: and Lori is a dietician and I worked with her on Skype for a few sessions and it was very helpful..she can steer you -even with a couple of sessions..I would still work with her but for the $$

  3. With Suzanne here - hope your mojo comes back.

    All the best Jan


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