Saturday, January 4, 2014

scared and full of questions

I spent the day stocking up on low carb foods
induction food
this betta work
I am so scared
all the fat
all those calories
You don't count calories
what the heck??!!
bacon, sausage, turkey, butter, mayonnaise (even if it doesn't work OMG!!!! I love mayonnaise much to my families dismay) ham, eggs all the things on the list... heavy cream for my coffee in the morning
You don't count calories???
My goal is to not get on the scale for the entire month of January... I think THAT may be a stretch!
Really?? You don't count calories??
so tomorrow's menu...  I am thinking

coffee with heavy cream
The egg white Fritatta I had made is 100% on the list of induction foods
... maybe some turkey and mayo (OMG!!!)

I had all these great ideas, now I am blank...

I have chicken in there, and I bought 14 different kinds of cheese

will I feel different? better? worse? fatigued... I read that could be a side effect of the induction 
but I guess it is mainly the first 5 days... which works because tomorrow is my Monday and I always do better with my eating when I am working, busy, busy, busy

Will I lose weight? fast? slow? at all? Gain from all the fat?
OMG if I gain.... I will not be a happy lady

so I am off to read about what I need to pack tomorrow for my food...

scared over here at Daily Thoughts... but I am going to jump in and go for it

what do I have to lose? weight...

derp that was a funny :P

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  1. If you can't believe Sharon Osbourne...who can you believe?


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