Monday, January 20, 2014

the good, the bad and the relaxed

I hope Starbucks company has some kind of name searcher ... they look for every time a blog put's their name in a post... OMG am I a total dork or what!!?? 

well you never know..

well ... STARBUCKS!!!!! your cups are cheap!!! 
but I love this free coffee for the month of January idea and I love the coffee 
the cup ... not so much 
okay back to our regularly scheduled programming

a few of my meals over the last few days ... egg whites 

Greek yogurt and strawberries 

food prep

this WAS chicken, green beans and quinoa and the best freakin salsa on the planet!!! 

I bought it at Costco on a whim... so good! 

why am I posting this? ... must be the OCD in me... vitamins prepped for a few day and little baggies of oats all ready to grab. Each baggie has 
1/4 c oats 
1T hemp
1T flax

I dusted off the ole treadmill in my garage... yepper it still works 

and O.M.G....

I had a bowl of Special K cereal with unsweetened almond milk for dinner

nope.. I don't think I am going to freak out 
it was only about 300 calories. It satisfied my curiosity about Special K with chocolate and dried strawberries

ahhh my critique? 

I won't be recommending it... but in it's defense... cereal isn't my thing
I can't even remember the last (or next) time I ate cereal 

so I'm a chillin with the food 
I did buy a book and loaded it into my Nook 
it saved my butt today 

I was stressed and had some anxiety today ... didn't I just say the same thing twice??
any whoosle 
reading it helped. A. LOT. 

later taters 

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