Saturday, January 11, 2014

This mornings thoughts... week (almost) in review

Good Morning I am sitting here thinking about this week and pondering, pondering pondering

I did okay this last week, yesterday I was so concerned with hiding the fact I was on a low carb diet that I spaced my meals too far apart and then scarfed like a maniac...  I am actually up a pound this morning

but I need to think about this a moment... 
was I starved? No 
was I even hungry? No 
I have it in my mind I HAVE to eat every 2.5-3 hours... and I felt almost like a panic 
do I need therapy? yes 

but feeling like crap isn't fun.. I never anticipated the Induction flu

and truthfully if it is 2-3 weeks like Mark's Daily apple mentioned I don't know if I will make it... 
but he also mentioned about needing extra carbs for intense exercise, so I know I am in the Induction phase of this but I think I will have a quarter cup of oats this morning before my core and cardio class and see if that helps me feel better today ... it's only 12 carbs after all and I exercise HARD (for an old gal) 
Maybe I will buy some blueberries for a carb load on exercise morning's and skip the grain 

also I think I need to ease up on the beef.. yesterday I had two meals with beef 
one is plenty! 
and sometimes I think I way OVER-THINK all this 
has this blog made me food obsessed? 

yes I may be food obsessed, but after so danged many years of being overweight this is almost like a hobby for me now I love blogging

so I ain't stopping any time soon 
Maybe I am the poster child for food obsession 

see ya 
have a great day 

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  1. Induction flu is a new term to me, but describes how I felt after five days of no carb. I did this way back in the 70's and thought it was the greatest thing ever to get to eat so much meat and cheese and stuff. On day five I felt so bad I kind of rolled out of the bed and crawled across the floor to turn the clock off. I remember saying I'd kill for an orange. That was my last day of no carbs until I tried it again for three days in the 90's. I think I forgot how bad I felt the first time.

    If I could have gotten past feeling so bad, I might have been able to tough it out. I'm enjoying your journey through low carb and will keep reading. Good luck. :)


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