Sunday, January 5, 2014

What I learned today

Kippers are nasty 

Mayonnaise didn't help them any 

working in a grocery store is easier on Low Carb 
I returned the Atkins bars... I read they were a slippery slope 
I don't need any of that nonsense right now 
I ate one can of kippers... :::: shiver::::
returned the other 

I don't know how to count carbs... and not count calories 
so recap of today 
17.6 carbs, protein 110, fats 86.4 calories 1344

I have myself convinced I am more tired.... derp Karla a 10 hour KICK your butt day at work may have contributed to this .... ya think!!!?? 

and I also didn't feel as hungry 

hummm really???

day #1 wrapped up and put to bed 


  1. I don't know what Kippers are but I am glad you mentioned it! I do have to say, I do like Atkins bars too. Ole' faithful. I am tired today too. I think I will go to bed! Gnight Karla! Sweet Dreams! :-)

  2. I've never had kippers but I detest anchovies. I won't be tempted to try kippers I'm thinking. :)

  3. I ate shrimp once on a diet plan (trying to be the good and perfect diet girl) for one meal . Then I said to myself that 'this is ridiculous'..nasty stuff. I can do this and be a success even though I don't cross my bottom line. Shrimp are like bugs to me. Kippers seem nasty. Good for you ..You can be a success but not have to be perfect too.


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