Sunday, January 26, 2014

What relaxes me

Last week was exhausting. 

Emotionally more than physically... but when my emotions run high I don't sleep well... so this all ties together... throw in a district meeting full of all the tempting goodies 

recipe for exhaustion!! no I didn't eat any :) 

any ways... I did try the new Quest flavor 

amazing!! but I don't... shouldn't... buy these bars they are so freakin good!!! and when I eat too much whey it makes me all bloated 

so what do I do when I need to relax? First things first WORK OUT!!!!

then an Arrow marathon (to be continued today) and Instagram recipe searching 
all the recipe's I want to try 

I sweat I am such a spaz!!! 

I copy all these, have these big plans to make them ...

then nuttin honey 

oh well it's fun ... My Mom was a recipe collector and loved to read recipe books, she must have passed the love onto me 

so today? cooking a bit, laundry and some more Arrow 



  1. You always inspire me to keep on keeping on ;)

  2. I sometimes read cookbooks for fun. They don't tempt me so it's harmless entertainment. :)

  3. Quest bars are verboten in my house. They taste like MORE to me. :)
    I'm so tickled that you're still fighting the good fight, Karla.


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