Friday, January 3, 2014

What's a dieter to do?

so last night I started into the coffee cake ... stopped myself and had some Arctic Zero 

with a spoon of chocolate 

I had one of these yesterday. The strawberry cheesecake is yucky!! Only Quest bar I have ever tried and NOT liked!! 

so this is the offending coffee cake... 
a small, tiny piece last night and a whopper piece tonight!! 
boo for the coffee cake 

I worked out this morning at 5AM... yes the butt crack of dawn!!!  

I had a protein shake right after I worked out
took some oats to work 

mu shake, for the drive to work 

desk food :P 

2 meals... 0% Greek yogurt, one serving SF pudding mix, a splash of unsweetened Almond milk and berries 


spaghetti squash, cauliflower mash and a turkey patty all with Walden Farms BBQ sauce 

and this started my downward slide when I got home...
frozen yogurt with a brownie... boo Karla 
then coffee cake.... double boo 
my tummy hurts 

and there is yet ANOTHER cake in the house 

what's a dieter to do? 
this accountability thing a ma gig is kinda eye opening 
I eat too much junk!! 
and what not 
that's my down fall... 
the what not's 

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  1. You wear that coffee cake well ;) Oh my...that was cheeky :D


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