Thursday, January 2, 2014

Yesterday and some of today

in no kind of organized order... of course, come on guys this is me!!! LOL 
I steamed some broccoli this morning, and made turkey patties... I am just cooking for just me now, so I made them a little differently... half ground turkey breast, half ground turkey, dried onion, chopped up red pepper, chopped fresh spinach, some Mrs Dash Italian seasoning, 1 ounce jalapeno cheese, 2 egg whites, and half a cup of oats... I will let ya know if they are yummo... or not  

yesterdays turkey roll up on La Tortilla Low Carb 

I saw this recipe on the web, but so far I have been to chicken to try it. What do you think? yeah or Nay? 

Vitamin shoppe run yesterday 

in the oven this morning. My turkey patties (see above) a spaghetti squash and some chicken ... err note to self ... Laughing Cow cheese doesn't melt... boo 

yesterdays Man feast, nope none for me 

and my walk yesterday 

I have cauliflower steamed soft and I will drain it and maybe even pat it to try and get as much of the moisture out of it as possible, then add it to the chopped up cook spaghetti squash for a kind of mash. It is so good, it makes me feel like I am having rice or potatoes 

My evening shake from yesterday. I was ALMOST 100% yesterday ... I had an Artic Zero,  they are 150 calories for an entire pint, not the most flavorful of desserts, but it did satisfy my sweet tooth and there are some (a lot!!!) or poor choices in the house right now, so 150 calories of a good choice was a better option than M&M candy ice cream or chocolate cake! 

this was my New Years plate 

have an awesome day!!!


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