Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I am soooooo competitive

this is kind of a staple of mine
morning coffee instead of creamer...
after I train... 
at night as a last meal... 

Jaime Eason carrot cake protein muffins 
google it :) 

Mondays and Wednesday I go into work a hot mess!!
I train from 5-6 give myself 30 minutes to drive home, shower and get dressed... 
yep a hot mess 

a regular 
5 whites 
1/4 oats 
1T Flax
1T hemp 
= nummo 

3.5  oz chicken cooked in Franks hot sauce 
green beans 

food prep 

yesterdays digital's
oh... don't I sound hip 

I went to Costco and if I don't divide the nuts immediately I will scarf them like a maniac  

so... I am in a new work environment 
same store, but the structure is different 
I have to kick ass 
be the best 
or at least in the top 
it is consuming me
I am obsessed 

I want my results to be top 
I want to kick ass!!! 

have a great day!!
move dat body 
count dem calories 
go go go go go 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Dude!!! concentrate!!

my pictures are all a tad bit blurry 

I need to focus more  

broccoli, Margarine light and some Parmesan
is it light margarine... or margarine light? 

egg white omelet
onions, mushrooms, avocado, tomatoes and some strawberries  

this is freakin me out!! lol 

90 calorie SF Vitatop 
I might have had ... one.. two 
okay okay okay I had THREE!!! 
sue me 

so danged good! and it was only 270 calories!

Whole Foods lunch 
too much chicken though... I didn't finish it 

killer Costco find 

okay I do not like this yogurt 
sorry I am a Fage gal 100%!!
last of this nasty stuff 
thank you 

2 shakes in the day 
One in the morning with unsweetened almond milk I use as  creamer for my coffee 
and my last meal 



Saturday, February 22, 2014

Too hard on myself

okay so here's the dealeeeoo 
I have been stress eating like a MOO Foo 
we are talking about 12 pounds worth 
life has been crazy and I have not been hanging too well with it 

so consistency is the key... right? here is my menu plan for the  next week
I am going to grocery shop this week end and cook according to this plan 
have treats if my calories allow 
do some cardio 
and work on those 12 pounds 
so I have been at the management conference the last few days and I got this 

what a dumb ass I am 

I have been soooooooo stressed about work and then I get this??!! 
what the */@#? 
okay this is a TRUE sign that I need to take a major chill pill and relax 

so THIS is me relaxing

I know it looks the same as me stressing 
but really 
I ... am... trying... to... chill... out 

I am WAY too hard on myself 

Have a great day!!! 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

today's plan in da weeee hours of da morn

I was up at 3:30 cooking... fish, broccoli and some hard boiled eggs. I also threw together a kale salad
I feel better when I make good food choices 


today's plan of attack 
I work so this is my brown bag o' food 
add a shake in the morning (as a coffee creamer) 

and a shake at night and viola!! 
I am taking all the nut butters into work to one of my managers 
he will love them :) 

I have a busy next few days. Work and the management conference 
I didn't do the whole nail, eyebrow dealeo yesterday.. too tired! 
so I am off to work 
Have a great day 

Saturday, February 15, 2014

why does anyone read this dribble?

okay I have to STOP stressing out.
My food is not the problem it is my reactions to stress ----->; eat

  • my daughter moved out 
  • I got a new boss (man she is tough!!) 
  • someone I HIGHLY respect was forced to make a decision they were not ready to 
  • a good friends Mom passed away 
  • I am down one manager (soon to be two, maybe three) 
  • I have to cram my vacations into a few months  but ... see previous bullet point...  
  • a tiff (now resolved) with someone I care about SOOOOO much 
  • an executive visit 

a lot has been going on and eating about it is not going to fix it! right!!
can I get a hallelujah!??

no wacky eating crazy ass plans... just back to good clean food ... no starvation plans none of that silliness... oh and I need to get rid of those pesky 11 containers of nut butter... yah think??!!

 Omar will love me  (he is the one I pawn off my food to)  so today I will toss the junk and go to Costco and stock back up on some of those staples I have some how stopped buying ... tilapia, chicken, eggs, oats, broccoli, green beans...  oh and how about a total pamper session of mani, pedi and eyebrows to get me back on the ole horse of taking care of myself again!!! busy day off but sitting around feeling sorry for myself hasn't been working...

okay here we go ...

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

a little blurry

not in correct order. 5AM - 6AM  work out 
raced home like a crazy lady and out the door off to work by 6:30!! showered, hair blow dried 

repeat of yesterday. Greek yogurt, Fiber one, maple and sweetener 

a protein shake on the way in to work 

taco soup, mixed with squash and little bit of Parmesan 

it's a long drive to work and I was hungry 

baked veggies and cottage cheese 

broccoli with some light margarine and a shake (or two) or Parmesan 

12 ounces of yumminess at 8 calories an ounce!

I had some left over 
I do love me a Kevita 

see ya tomorrow
less of me that is 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Post 1310

crazy huh? 1310th post! (pictures not in order)

I had 2 of these puddings 

egg white omelette with onion, mushrooms and tomato. Side of strawberries and I ate 1/2 a piece of toast  

broccoli, ICBINB light and a shake of Parmesan cheese 

yummo! Quest bar 



6 oz of Greek yogurt and 1/4 Fiber one cereal, a few Equal sweetener's and a bit of maple extract 

lunch at Whole Foods with my daughter. I didn't finish all the chicken. It was HUGE!! 

that's it 
good food day 
drank my water
no exercise though... tomorrow 

and I ate so many veggies and fiber I am feeling full 

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