Wednesday, February 12, 2014

a little blurry

not in correct order. 5AM - 6AM  work out 
raced home like a crazy lady and out the door off to work by 6:30!! showered, hair blow dried 

repeat of yesterday. Greek yogurt, Fiber one, maple and sweetener 

a protein shake on the way in to work 

taco soup, mixed with squash and little bit of Parmesan 

it's a long drive to work and I was hungry 

baked veggies and cottage cheese 

broccoli with some light margarine and a shake (or two) or Parmesan 

12 ounces of yumminess at 8 calories an ounce!

I had some left over 
I do love me a Kevita 

see ya tomorrow
less of me that is 


  1. I love the little girl gif. It's hysterical. :D

  2. Like the broccoli, baked veggies and cottage cheese. Would have used butter not margarine on my broccoli, but Parmesan gives it a great zing.

    I'm with Karen on the little girl gif .........

    All the best Jan

  3. 8 calories an ounce? What is that and where do I find me some???


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