Sunday, February 23, 2014

Dude!!! concentrate!!

my pictures are all a tad bit blurry 

I need to focus more  

broccoli, Margarine light and some Parmesan
is it light margarine... or margarine light? 

egg white omelet
onions, mushrooms, avocado, tomatoes and some strawberries  

this is freakin me out!! lol 

90 calorie SF Vitatop 
I might have had ... one.. two 
okay okay okay I had THREE!!! 
sue me 

so danged good! and it was only 270 calories!

Whole Foods lunch 
too much chicken though... I didn't finish it 

killer Costco find 

okay I do not like this yogurt 
sorry I am a Fage gal 100%!!
last of this nasty stuff 
thank you 

2 shakes in the day 
One in the morning with unsweetened almond milk I use as  creamer for my coffee 
and my last meal 



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  1. Chobani tastes chalky to me--Fage all the way as well!


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