Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I am soooooo competitive

this is kind of a staple of mine
morning coffee instead of creamer...
after I train... 
at night as a last meal... 

Jaime Eason carrot cake protein muffins 
google it :) 

Mondays and Wednesday I go into work a hot mess!!
I train from 5-6 give myself 30 minutes to drive home, shower and get dressed... 
yep a hot mess 

a regular 
5 whites 
1/4 oats 
1T Flax
1T hemp 
= nummo 

3.5  oz chicken cooked in Franks hot sauce 
green beans 

food prep 

yesterdays digital's
oh... don't I sound hip 

I went to Costco and if I don't divide the nuts immediately I will scarf them like a maniac  

so... I am in a new work environment 
same store, but the structure is different 
I have to kick ass 
be the best 
or at least in the top 
it is consuming me
I am obsessed 

I want my results to be top 
I want to kick ass!!! 

have a great day!!
move dat body 
count dem calories 
go go go go go 


  1. Love your posts.

    I'm the same way about the Costco nuts. That's a good suggestion to divvy them up BEFORE you've devoured the jar!

    Have you tried the chocolate unsweetened almond milk? YUM!

  2. Karla, you will always be my fav blogger, love your menu ideas!


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