Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Post 1310

crazy huh? 1310th post! (pictures not in order)

I had 2 of these puddings 

egg white omelette with onion, mushrooms and tomato. Side of strawberries and I ate 1/2 a piece of toast  

broccoli, ICBINB light and a shake of Parmesan cheese 

yummo! Quest bar 



6 oz of Greek yogurt and 1/4 Fiber one cereal, a few Equal sweetener's and a bit of maple extract 

lunch at Whole Foods with my daughter. I didn't finish all the chicken. It was HUGE!! 

that's it 
good food day 
drank my water
no exercise though... tomorrow 

and I ate so many veggies and fiber I am feeling full 


  1. An excellent day, Karla! Cheers to 1310! Wow!

  2. Also, I like the parmesan/broccoli combo to jazz things up. I'm going to do that this week.


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