Saturday, February 15, 2014

why does anyone read this dribble?

okay I have to STOP stressing out.
My food is not the problem it is my reactions to stress ----->; eat

  • my daughter moved out 
  • I got a new boss (man she is tough!!) 
  • someone I HIGHLY respect was forced to make a decision they were not ready to 
  • a good friends Mom passed away 
  • I am down one manager (soon to be two, maybe three) 
  • I have to cram my vacations into a few months  but ... see previous bullet point...  
  • a tiff (now resolved) with someone I care about SOOOOO much 
  • an executive visit 

a lot has been going on and eating about it is not going to fix it! right!!
can I get a hallelujah!??

no wacky eating crazy ass plans... just back to good clean food ... no starvation plans none of that silliness... oh and I need to get rid of those pesky 11 containers of nut butter... yah think??!!

 Omar will love me  (he is the one I pawn off my food to)  so today I will toss the junk and go to Costco and stock back up on some of those staples I have some how stopped buying ... tilapia, chicken, eggs, oats, broccoli, green beans...  oh and how about a total pamper session of mani, pedi and eyebrows to get me back on the ole horse of taking care of myself again!!! busy day off but sitting around feeling sorry for myself hasn't been working...

okay here we go ...


  1. Good luck Karla. I've been copying you and taking pictures of my food. It has helped. It's also helped that I have no peanut butter in the house right now. Carry on. :)

  2. Back in the saddle, Karla! You'll feel so much better taking control of things today.
    I'm sorry you've had so many stressors lately. *hugs*
    Take good care of yourself!

  3. Sounds like a great plan !!! Keeping a clean food environment really helps.

  4. When it's not working, change it up until it does! You are a wonderful example to us.


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