Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Common sense is required

I use the Lose it app to track my food 

love it!!!  
and I have a fitbit 

love it!!! 

and they link which is REALLY cool 

but sometimes it is almost comical 

I ate 1356 calories, drank my water and worked out 
and synced it ll together 

and it says I am 1300 calories UNDER  

what. the. heck!!! 

ahhhh no!!! 

ahhh... these are just tools to weight loss and if I ate another 1300 calories I would be gaining!!! not losing 

common sense is required!!! 

tootles people 

Saturday, March 15, 2014


So I have been doing AWESOME lately 
scale is going down and I am eating to lose 

I was thinking... hummm how long until I see those beloved 130's again 

so I went into my 2010 weight log 

9/9 151.8 -2.4 
9/16 150.4 -1.4
9/23 149.6 -.8 
9/30 148.2 -1.4
10/7 148.2 same
10/14 148.6 +.4 
10/21 147.4 -1.2
10/27 146.4 -1
11/4 145.6 -0.8 
11/11 144.4 -1.2
11/18 142.4 -2
11/25 142.4 same
12/2 140.8 -1.6
12/9 141.6 +.8
12/16 141.6 same 
12/23 140 -1.6
12/30 139.6 -.4

OH. MY. GAWD!!! 


wow did I screw up!!! 

oh well.... 
reality check... onward and downward as Ann would say 
no giving up 

so today is working out, chores and a little food prep.... typical day off stuff... 
2 weeks until vacation... we are on a countdown 


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My internal dialog

and some blurry poor quality pictures 

"ahh, morning think I will check the scale"
"OMG!!!!!! time to get serious" 
4 egg whites for breakfast 
(no picture) 
getting ready for work
"man these pants are tight in my thighs" 
"oh.... maybe it's cause I work out soo much?!"
"but that wouldn't account for having to move the belt to a looser hole" 
stay on it Karla!!" 
"drink your water" 

Greek yogurt with 2 T of PB2 
so delish tastes like peanut butter 

cabbage, carrots, onions.. soup kind of thing with 3 ounces of chicken 

80 calorie tortilla
3 ounces chicken 
100 calorie guacamole 
some dill relish 

came home and had a safe, controlled chocolaty treat 

"Wow I did so good yesterday... think I will check that ole scale... what??
 I should be down a LEAST a pound, right??" 

"ahhhh NO!!!"
"dang yah mean I have to eat ON PLAN every day!!! and be consistent?! and exercise!? and drink my water?! and all those dozen girl scout cookie binges have taken their toll??!!" 
"oh, man..." 

one good day down
let's shoot for two? 

last week's Fitbit numbers 

later tators 

Sunday, March 9, 2014

oh did I mention

the chex mix, frozen yogurt and girl scout cookies 
Sunday fail 

packed and ready

I work today 10-8 blech!! BUT I only have to do it twice a month 

so I am all packed and ready for the day

I am taking a box of Almond milk to work. I have a blender at work and a jug of whey
is it jug?
bottle? container? dang I am grasping here people... 
and way.. I will have 2 shakes today 

I did this the other morning (not today) 
minutes on the left. Speed's on the right 
It is a version of what we did all week at the gym 
but the cardio warm up is usually only 15 minutes 
so I extended the time for speed of 4 to stretch it to 20 minutes for my at home cardio 

meal packed: Fage yogurt, sweetener, frozen strawberries and a serving on SF Jello instant pudding mix cheesecake flavor and a splash of almond milk 
if you make it the night before with the berries all frozen, as they thaw it turns into this yummo thick pudding like serving... one of my favorite meals 

water all ready, complete with some Crystal light and the blender to take to work 

meal: chicken, broccoli, thinned out balsamic vinegar dressing and an ounce of Parmesan cheese 

2 Low fat Eggo waffles
4 egg whites 
SF syrup 

2 Kevita's 
these help me cause I love them #1 
and #2 when I go into my office looking for something to eat 
"aha!! Kevita... This is yummy
oh yeah I can wait another hour to eat!!"
that's my internal conversation right there 

and in my coffee this morning 

so Sunday the 9th... yeah the store will be busy 
I will most definitely get all my 10,000 steps in 
I am loving my fitbit 
off to work people 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Nope not tomorrow fer sure!

morning hair
do you see a resemblance...

I found this cool blog. She has all kinds of WWer friendly recipe's 
this is errr.... 
maybe some kind of taco pie 
I think I found it on her site 

1 lb Lean Ground Beef
1 package Taco Seasoning Mix
10 ounce can Fat Free Refried Beans
1 cup Reduced Fat Bisquick
1/4 cup Water
1 cup Shredded, 2% Mexican Cheese (I used WW Brand)
1 cup Shredded, Reduced Fat Mozzarella Cheese
Brown ground beef and drain, add taco seasoning and let simmer. Mix Bisquick, water and refried beans in a small bowl. Place been mixture into a greased 9x13 pan. Sprinkle taco meat on top, then add both cheeses. Bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees.

truthfully I am not sure 
but it's good and when I put it in the recipe builder it came up to 7 points 
and I made mine with turkey 

I got this meal idea from Instagram 
onions, mushrooms, spinach, garlic, artichoke hearts and tofu skinny noodles with vegetable broth 
OMG so danged good 
the artichoke hearts added quite a few points and not a lot of flavor 
I will skip them next time 

egg white omelette with strawberries 

and the beginning of a slide..... 

but ya know 
it's okay 
I still have weeklies left so I didn't go (too) insane
and check out those activity points ...
boo ya 
AND I am working out tomorrow 
so I was going to sneak a peek at the scale tomorrow....
not sure my heart could take the number after 50 point's today

ah I don't think I will be going near that scale in the morning!!! 

hopefully I lose this week 
I will be bummed if I don't 

we will see what we see 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

food and steps

cut up veggies: carrots, cucumber, red bell pepper, jicama 
Greek yogurt with strawberries 
broccoli, chicken, quinoa smothered in Pico Pica sauce 

turkey and mustard sandwich on a sandwich thin 
Kevita (I only had one) 

4 egg whites on 2 Low fat Eggo's 

with syrup 

I am sitting here typing eating a pint of Arctic Zero 
150 calories for the entire pint!! 
8789 steps today 
14 floor climbed
3.72 miles walked 
1710 calories burned 

restarting Weight Watchers reminds me how I always feel FULL 
like stuffed 
I think it is all the fiber (toot toot) 
but hey smelly and skinny 
it's all good huh? 

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Health and Wellness Champion

so there are not pictures in this post
no menu's
just some conversation

I was chosen to be Health and Wellness Champion for my district
I was like... what the heck!!!???
Do these people know how bad I have been struggling... crap!!

So I went back to square one, back to the VERY beginning of this blog

I don 't want to jinx myself but I rejoined Weight Watchers... day #1 was today

and I freaking rocked it!!

I LOVE the plan, love how I don't have to eat frozen and processed foods. I wasn't happy with my weigh in.... duh... Up 18 pound's!!! 156.3

my clothes don't fit, ALL my clothes ... I am super duper uncomfortable... BUT I am hopeful and feeling empowered and more in control than I have in a LONG time

I also went and got another Fitbit... so when the next company walking challenge comes I am READY for it! My company endorses Weight Watchers, and they want me to get people motivated and communicate the benefit's of Health and Wellness

so I HAVE to get my act together

no pressure .... lol

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