Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Common sense is required

I use the Lose it app to track my food 

love it!!!  
and I have a fitbit 

love it!!! 

and they link which is REALLY cool 

but sometimes it is almost comical 

I ate 1356 calories, drank my water and worked out 
and synced it ll together 

and it says I am 1300 calories UNDER  

what. the. heck!!! 

ahhhh no!!! 

ahhh... these are just tools to weight loss and if I ate another 1300 calories I would be gaining!!! not losing 

common sense is required!!! 

tootles people 


  1. OMG!! I love your blog!! Where do you get those gifs????

    Yeah common sense ain't so common if you think about it. Perhaps the deficit was because you walked so much and it's mistakenly "thinking" you want to maintain your weight. SMH...I dunno

  2. ROFL! your gifs CRACK ME UP!!! :) Yes, common sense required... too bad its not so common!! haha

  3. Yes me too - just love the gifs!

    Totally agree common sense is a must.

    Take Care

    All the best Jan


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