Sunday, March 2, 2014

food and steps

cut up veggies: carrots, cucumber, red bell pepper, jicama 
Greek yogurt with strawberries 
broccoli, chicken, quinoa smothered in Pico Pica sauce 

turkey and mustard sandwich on a sandwich thin 
Kevita (I only had one) 

4 egg whites on 2 Low fat Eggo's 

with syrup 

I am sitting here typing eating a pint of Arctic Zero 
150 calories for the entire pint!! 
8789 steps today 
14 floor climbed
3.72 miles walked 
1710 calories burned 

restarting Weight Watchers reminds me how I always feel FULL 
like stuffed 
I think it is all the fiber (toot toot) 
but hey smelly and skinny 
it's all good huh? 

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