Saturday, March 1, 2014

Health and Wellness Champion

so there are not pictures in this post
no menu's
just some conversation

I was chosen to be Health and Wellness Champion for my district
I was like... what the heck!!!???
Do these people know how bad I have been struggling... crap!!

So I went back to square one, back to the VERY beginning of this blog

I don 't want to jinx myself but I rejoined Weight Watchers... day #1 was today

and I freaking rocked it!!

I LOVE the plan, love how I don't have to eat frozen and processed foods. I wasn't happy with my weigh in.... duh... Up 18 pound's!!! 156.3

my clothes don't fit, ALL my clothes ... I am super duper uncomfortable... BUT I am hopeful and feeling empowered and more in control than I have in a LONG time

I also went and got another Fitbit... so when the next company walking challenge comes I am READY for it! My company endorses Weight Watchers, and they want me to get people motivated and communicate the benefit's of Health and Wellness

so I HAVE to get my act together

no pressure .... lol


  1. they picked you because they see the change in you overtime and that you consistently work at it.. it is us, I hour heads, that want the perfect ideal......I always like the picture of you at 155 on the side.

  2. You've already started to get your act back together by rejoining WW before it was 200ish again! That's an act I want to follow!

  3. Wow you did great! You improved a lot. Great job.


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