Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My internal dialog

and some blurry poor quality pictures 

"ahh, morning think I will check the scale"
"OMG!!!!!! time to get serious" 
4 egg whites for breakfast 
(no picture) 
getting ready for work
"man these pants are tight in my thighs" 
"oh.... maybe it's cause I work out soo much?!"
"but that wouldn't account for having to move the belt to a looser hole" 
stay on it Karla!!" 
"drink your water" 

Greek yogurt with 2 T of PB2 
so delish tastes like peanut butter 

cabbage, carrots, onions.. soup kind of thing with 3 ounces of chicken 

80 calorie tortilla
3 ounces chicken 
100 calorie guacamole 
some dill relish 

came home and had a safe, controlled chocolaty treat 

"Wow I did so good yesterday... think I will check that ole scale... what??
 I should be down a LEAST a pound, right??" 

"ahhhh NO!!!"
"dang yah mean I have to eat ON PLAN every day!!! and be consistent?! and exercise!? and drink my water?! and all those dozen girl scout cookie binges have taken their toll??!!" 
"oh, man..." 

one good day down
let's shoot for two? 

last week's Fitbit numbers 

later tators 

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  1. I saw this PB2 and Fage post and tried it out today. It was good, but I think I had too much yogurt... not "PB'y" enough for me. Will haveto keep testing it out.

    Also ... MUST.FIND.ARCTIC.ZERO. !!! on the hunt!


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