Sunday, March 9, 2014

packed and ready

I work today 10-8 blech!! BUT I only have to do it twice a month 

so I am all packed and ready for the day

I am taking a box of Almond milk to work. I have a blender at work and a jug of whey
is it jug?
bottle? container? dang I am grasping here people... 
and way.. I will have 2 shakes today 

I did this the other morning (not today) 
minutes on the left. Speed's on the right 
It is a version of what we did all week at the gym 
but the cardio warm up is usually only 15 minutes 
so I extended the time for speed of 4 to stretch it to 20 minutes for my at home cardio 

meal packed: Fage yogurt, sweetener, frozen strawberries and a serving on SF Jello instant pudding mix cheesecake flavor and a splash of almond milk 
if you make it the night before with the berries all frozen, as they thaw it turns into this yummo thick pudding like serving... one of my favorite meals 

water all ready, complete with some Crystal light and the blender to take to work 

meal: chicken, broccoli, thinned out balsamic vinegar dressing and an ounce of Parmesan cheese 

2 Low fat Eggo waffles
4 egg whites 
SF syrup 

2 Kevita's 
these help me cause I love them #1 
and #2 when I go into my office looking for something to eat 
"aha!! Kevita... This is yummy
oh yeah I can wait another hour to eat!!"
that's my internal conversation right there 

and in my coffee this morning 

so Sunday the 9th... yeah the store will be busy 
I will most definitely get all my 10,000 steps in 
I am loving my fitbit 
off to work people 

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  1. Where do you find the gif pictures and how do you put them in? I love them!


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