Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I have been M.I.A.

where have I been? 
off the radar? eating like a crazy woman? stressing out? 

well yes, no and yes 

work has been INSANE!!! and I have been a freakin mess!!! 

so I have been off the radar 

I figured you don't want or need to hear my tale of woe 

my weight is 


going down... 
but it takes time, right??!! I have also been trying hard to give myself a break, cut myself a little slack 

man is that hard!!! 

I am my own worst critic!!! 

it is 2:42 AM... I have been awake for over an hour
didn't sleep worth a crap 

my mind is spinning.... I need to write the schedule, write the management schedule, check the ad, go check the new store opening, there's so little help today how can I go check competition? go through the applications, maybe try doing some phone interviewing, have to do a few annual reviews, I SUCK at annual reviews... where can I get a book on this? Should I look and see if training has a refresher course on this? I need to go to sleep... danged dog's... who is driving a motorcycle in the neighborhood at 1AM? Do I need to go buy a dress for that Women's leadership meeting? if I don't go to sleep I am going to be a wreak... I have to find a new esthetician  my eyebrows are a wreak!! 

okay no kidding... gotta go at least try and get a couple hours of sleep 


  1. I was actually wondering where you were! Love your posts.

    Just think - one year from now, the craziness of right now will just be a memory. Of course, there's gonna be new craziness...

    Oh - I hate doing annual reviews too.

  2. sleep trouble is hard. You might want to try melatonin. I use it to help me get to sleep and stay asleep when I'm having issues. Should be able to find it at any drug store. :) Chin up!!! that is a huge list, but just start knocking the tasks down. You will get there.

  3. Hey, you are not eating like a crazy woman. Congratulations! And I hated doing annual reviews too, you may as well look to see if Training has any points or guidelines. Also at my company, we weren't required to make a comment on each aspect, it took part of the burden off. Is that possible for you? Also, what Tamzin said about one task at a time. (And don't leave the eyebrows to the bottom of the list, they matter to morale. I have an appointment on Saturday, myself.)


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