Saturday, April 5, 2014

In a scary place right now

I am in a scary place.... up 15 pounds weighing in at 155 BUT down 55 pounds from the all time high ... and feeling no STRONG need to get back to 140

I think I need a shot of something! I work out 3-4 days a week for an hour. Eat really well 90% of the time (that 10% is freaking kicking my BUTT!!!!!!) 

so what do I do? 
do I need to "DO" something? 
Weight Watchers?
change trainers (that is so not happening!!)

blog more?

ah ha!!! 

maybe that's it!!! Shocker!!

but posting pictures of my food can be so dang boring 

but whatever I gotta do this for me 
and this is kinda my blog!!! 

so here comes da boredom!!! 

this morning I was 155.2 

core and cardio class today 

Love, peace and chicken grease 

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  1. What's the saying? Keep calm and carry on. You CAN, you WILL do this!


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