Sunday, April 27, 2014

Vacation recap

San Diego was amazing, gorgeous, beautiful, relaxing it was everything a vacation should be 

and we walked 28.38 miles in 3 days!!! 

but it is back to reality and the scale 

today I am going to a 2 hour health seminar thing-a-ma-gig because the scale... well....

and I feel lately like I am just repeating and repeating the same mistakes 

case in point ......

but hey, ya know 

so I am just going to dust myself off and keep going 

and not give into the same stupid behaviors 

why is this weight journey never over??? 

oh well here we go another day 
another struggle 
but I will keep going, keep posting, keep working out, keep trying to figure out this weight journey 

later tatters 


  1. I live in San Diego and you just reminded me of how many great places we have here. I have been debating this morning on whether I want to go for a beach walk and it's decided ... I'm going. Thanks for the reminder to keep at it!

  2. I agree!!! Why is this journey never over? Why? It's almost like right when I thought I had the answers for went down hill. (or up hill, scale wise!) Keep dusting yourself off because giving up just makes that scale drive up faster. We can do it Karla! We're worth it Karla!


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