Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

To all you Mom's,Sisters, Aunts, and Grandma's 
Single Dad's and basically everyone has some Mom in their life some how some way 

enjoy the day with your loved ones and have a relaxing day 

okay on to the business of food, weight loss, weight management, diet, exercise and healthy aging ...
phew dat was a mouthful!!! 

so I weighed in this morning at 152.6 down from 157 last Saturday 
BOOM!!! YES!!! 

what is absolutely blowing my mind is this has been done with 
#1 eating Quest bars daily .... okay okay 2 Quest bars daily 

what do you say? you haven't had a Quest bar!!!! have you been living under a rock!!!??? 

#2 I eat 1-2 ounces of raw nut's a day 
#3 NO night cravings... NONE, zip, ziltch!! 

This is totally something I can and plan on continuing. Wheat Belly and Grain Brain if you haven't already read them I would highly recommend. I bought them on the itunes store and listen to them while I am driving 

I have a killer commute daily 

I found a gluten free dressing 

low in calories, pretty good ingredients 

and of course I thin it with balsamic 1 to 1 ratio...
I just always have done this with my salad dressings to help reduce the calories 

KajunDee asked what do I do with all my egg yolks 

can't crack an egg in this house without being surrounded by puppies!!! 
I of course don't give all them to the dogs
but one or two 

so find something that works for you and live it 
it's progress not perfection 

because I have to wake up and treat each day as a Monday, a new start... a new beginning 

because truly it is. 

Happy Mother's day to all  


  1. Love your doggies!!!! Corgis are a family fav - though we don't have a Corgi at the moment.

    HUGE congratulations on that fantastic weight loss this week - you are doing good girlfriend!

  2. Great weight loss.

    In the UK we celebrated Mothers Day a while ago ... but an important day...hope you enjoyed yours.

    All the best Jan

  3. Would you add me to your blog roll..pretty please???


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