Friday, May 2, 2014

Here da didgets for da day

yeppers this is it 

calories in: 1515
calories burned according to Fitbit 2436
steps: 14389
miles: 6.27
26 flights of stairs 

Wowsa!! I did okay today!

my salad dressing is half and half 
half of the Newman's own
add to it half balsamic vinegar 

meal grapefruit and pumpkin seeds 

2 hard boiled eggs 

way too dang many of these but oh sooo yummo!  

the morning coffee 

my daily Kevita's 

I had this before I did Legs this morning 

this is a staple for coffee in the morning. After the gym I used cold coffee...
 added protein and had a "protein latte" 

no idea what this Gif has to do with anything but I loved it 
So there!!!

I am totally exhausted 
Good night bloggity world 

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  1. I just received a fit bit from a blogger! I can't wait to start using it. Do you like it?


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