Friday, May 9, 2014

Someone got her mojo back!!

 and since I am ohhh so high tech... this will of course be in no particular order 

okay... okay here we go 
above 2 Quest bars 

up at 4 AM cooking, frozen veggies... chicken is in the oven and hard boiled eggs 

need yee ole probiotic's!! 

2 meals and a small service of apple sauce...
I took this picture cause it looked like a face 
okay in MY mind it looked like a face 
..... derp......

I know apple sauce at 4AM is weird but it had some carbs in it and I didn't want oatmeal
I went to work out this morning and I am trying to stay away from all grains right at the moment 

hey, they may not be fresh
BUT frozen is easy peasy and it keeps me on track 

I had an ounce of raw almonds 
and an ounce of raw cashews today 

yeppers hard boiled eggs 

I love the flavor of this protein but I am not sure I will buy it again
it is a blend a a little rough on the ole tum tum 
.... translated: gives me an upset stomach 
plain ole whey next time

the days food for work

I have been gluten, dairy and mostly grain free for a solid week now 
down 3.5 pounds 
no night cravings 
getting good sleep 
boo ya baby!!! 
Karla is back at it!!! 


  1. Karla, what do you do with all the egg yolks from boiled eggs?

  2. Karla - you are so awesome!!!! I'm glad you're back!


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