Sunday, June 15, 2014

home again home again giggly gig

same weight 
that's cool 

I had fun, ate a bunch of unhealthy stuff and now I am back and back on track 

cause there is no finish line
my boss always say's it's a marathon, not a sprint 

dang... I don't want to think of work today 

Happy Father's day!!!!!! 

we are going to do a taco lunch buffet
so no temptation

My trainers wife is a trainer and she offered to sit down and go over meal planning and food with me 
I am super excited 
I hope it pan's out 

so I will post tonight after the day's food with a food photo entry 
have a wonderful day with your loved ones today 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Vacation > weight loss :/

Ahhhh the best laid plans 

Then off to an amazing coffee shopin Astoria, Oregon and of course I had to get the better than granola bar 

Sooo yummo!!

Chicken, avocado, cucumbers, tomatoes, gluten-free crackers 

And we stopped at a farm in Portland and had a few candies they forgot to take a picture

The hostess ate the Gap diet so the  candies were spun honey with peppermint surrounded by Coco but had no sugar in them so I guess there werent so bad

I feel like a too much but looking at the pictures it doesn't look like I did :-}

I have to be forgetting something but I don't know what it is.... More reasons why tracking on my phone or on paper is a good idea

Later folks

Monday, June 9, 2014

Long beach, Washington

Started my day off amazing 

And breakfast 

Went for a beach walk (check out my Instagram) 

We went into Astoria, Oregon and had lunch 

Wayyyyyy tooooo many calories!!! Blue cheese, cheddar cheese and south western dressing but man oh man was it yummo 

And a gluten free Merange cookie for desert 

Then off to the Column and waterfalls 

Then stopped and got a tea chai latte 

And dinner 🙈🙈🙈

And a treat!!! 

And a cider 

But I walked 6.57 miles
Burned 1848 calories 
15499 steps 
20 flights of stairs 

Boo yah 

Vaca day 1

Vacation day #1 

Egg white omelette with veggies and cheese ... I didn't eat the toast or fruit... The fruit did not look good 

Airport snack... Again no luck with the apple... What is it with this danged ole fruit!!!?? but the banana was good and I counted out 18 almonds 

I got some kind of apple cider/coconut milk hot apple cider it was delicious!' The green juice was my sisters .... I am so not into green juice. I am out of the habit of taking pictures but I have the mighty bowl .... I did not eat all the beans it was way too much

Beautiful Oregon ... 

The even saw a deer on our way to the coast!!! We ate carrots and nectarines in the car on the way again I forgot to take pictures

And dinner had hamburger and salad and some gluten-free bread 

And finished up the day with a weight watcher chocolate giant fudge bar @ 110 calories I did not tracking in my food other than what I did right here have no idea what my calorie count was!!! But I feel pretty good about what I ate

We are in Long Beach, Washington and will be here today so that will be beautiful... I'm sure it'll be cold but we will have a nice walk and a relaxing day!!!

Later taters 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Blog name and check in

I have made it pretty clear that I have been struggling, I started my downhill slide in October then my daughter moved out in December and I have been going down steadily

My latest struggle has been my beloved Quest bars... They are thee best bars out there ... As long as you don't eat 6 in one day!!! 

So I am starting vacation this morning ... Off to visit family and as of right now I have no Quest bars in my possession 

I am going back on food ... What a friggin thought ... I must be like smart 

------> realization moment ... You Karla are not thee brightest bulb in the pack 

But I am in control and I can change my path any moment and however much I choose so .... I choose 

Back to Daily Thoughts .... Not monthly thoughts and real food and my long term goal will be to get rid if these 15 extra pounds 

Short term goal will be to. Eat. Real. Food. 

Not live off bars .... Oops that was a confession or sorts 

So I will be blowing up my blog on a nightly basis and in it's usual disjointed manner 

Feels good to be back 
See ya tonight .... Less of me is the goal 

I weighed this morning 153.8 and I will weigh when I get home from vacation 

But this is a sister vacation and she is uber supportive of weight loss so I am anticipating a weight losing vaca 

Tootled till tonight 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

ah the vicious cycle

The conversation inside my head:

"so how many calories to lose weight?
I wonder what this website says... humph... same as last time... maybe more? less? Okay forget it....
I am just going to eat clean... ah dang... really??? I don't want to cook... no one eat's my food and it goes bad...
ohhhh Quest bars... I will buy a box... or three... hee hee no one will know....
Man those Quest bars give me a run .... for the bathroom!!!
Karla... you are not supposed to eat freakin 5 in a day!!! duh!!

okay okay now I mean it no Quest bar's just clean eating..

Gluten free? Dairy free? Carb free? nah...

Quest bars.....


This morning:

okay okay I MEAN it this time (lying in bed this morning)

.... coffee.......

..... Quest bars......


I need a 12 step group for these things!!!

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