Sunday, June 8, 2014

Blog name and check in

I have made it pretty clear that I have been struggling, I started my downhill slide in October then my daughter moved out in December and I have been going down steadily

My latest struggle has been my beloved Quest bars... They are thee best bars out there ... As long as you don't eat 6 in one day!!! 

So I am starting vacation this morning ... Off to visit family and as of right now I have no Quest bars in my possession 

I am going back on food ... What a friggin thought ... I must be like smart 

------> realization moment ... You Karla are not thee brightest bulb in the pack 

But I am in control and I can change my path any moment and however much I choose so .... I choose 

Back to Daily Thoughts .... Not monthly thoughts and real food and my long term goal will be to get rid if these 15 extra pounds 

Short term goal will be to. Eat. Real. Food. 

Not live off bars .... Oops that was a confession or sorts 

So I will be blowing up my blog on a nightly basis and in it's usual disjointed manner 

Feels good to be back 
See ya tonight .... Less of me is the goal 

I weighed this morning 153.8 and I will weigh when I get home from vacation 

But this is a sister vacation and she is uber supportive of weight loss so I am anticipating a weight losing vaca 

Tootled till tonight 


  1. Good for you! Getting back in control for me is the same thing -- eating real food and staying away from sugar and junk. The less I eat of that stuff, the less I want it. Have a great vacation. :)

  2. Welcome back. What is it about those damn bars? I've gotten into the bad habit of eating them for all my meals too.

  3. I will have to stay away from them if they're that good :)
    Good for you on stepping back and realizing what you have to do!
    Now do it!!

  4. I hear you Karla. I gave up my beloved bars (commercial weight loss- won't name the brand, but I was hooked) during a challenge in May of 2013. I never brought them back in after the challenge was over becuase I "liked them too much". Nuts, too. The great thing is, as time passes, they are a memory and I don't miss them or crave them.

    Real food = good things. I cheer you for your next steps. :) Karen P.

  5. the 'quest' for real food...I did try the quest bars and they were meh--I read something about a lawsuit and they had more sugar than they reported....i like kind bars and lara and i try to eat them at movies to replace candy bars or in thirds . I treat them as treats not food replacements, but then I'm not in a losing mode right now..what do in know?..

  6. I looked for Quest bars the other day - glad I didn't find them.

    You've been in a lull - and now you're getting out of the lull. You can do this!!


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