Sunday, June 15, 2014

home again home again giggly gig

same weight 
that's cool 

I had fun, ate a bunch of unhealthy stuff and now I am back and back on track 

cause there is no finish line
my boss always say's it's a marathon, not a sprint 

dang... I don't want to think of work today 

Happy Father's day!!!!!! 

we are going to do a taco lunch buffet
so no temptation

My trainers wife is a trainer and she offered to sit down and go over meal planning and food with me 
I am super excited 
I hope it pan's out 

so I will post tonight after the day's food with a food photo entry 
have a wonderful day with your loved ones today 


  1. Good job on maintaining during your vacation - that's a win in itself! I'll be excited to hear what the trainer says about the meal planning!

  2. Good to see you back! It will be interesting what the trainers wife says


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