Monday, June 9, 2014

Vaca day 1

Vacation day #1 

Egg white omelette with veggies and cheese ... I didn't eat the toast or fruit... The fruit did not look good 

Airport snack... Again no luck with the apple... What is it with this danged ole fruit!!!?? but the banana was good and I counted out 18 almonds 

I got some kind of apple cider/coconut milk hot apple cider it was delicious!' The green juice was my sisters .... I am so not into green juice. I am out of the habit of taking pictures but I have the mighty bowl .... I did not eat all the beans it was way too much

Beautiful Oregon ... 

The even saw a deer on our way to the coast!!! We ate carrots and nectarines in the car on the way again I forgot to take pictures

And dinner had hamburger and salad and some gluten-free bread 

And finished up the day with a weight watcher chocolate giant fudge bar @ 110 calories I did not tracking in my food other than what I did right here have no idea what my calorie count was!!! But I feel pretty good about what I ate

We are in Long Beach, Washington and will be here today so that will be beautiful... I'm sure it'll be cold but we will have a nice walk and a relaxing day!!!

Later taters 


  1. I love the pacific northwest! Have fun in the cool weather!

  2. I'm feeling ya! - I don't eat much fruit and I definitely don't care for apples.

    I love the PNW - have a great, relaxing vacation!


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