Thursday, July 31, 2014

Foodie Pen Pal

I signed up for a foodie pen pal this past month on the Lean Green Bean blog 

a fun gift exchange with fellow foodies 

I got a fun package from Victoria 

Hi Victoria!!! Hi Lindsay!!! 

It is simple, Linday's matches you up and you exchange ... easy peasy 

Victoria sent me some of her local spice favorites (yummo) 
a strawberry jam that is good with yogurt 
Granola, honey and a beef stick 

It was a very thoughtful package 

It was fun I signed up again

food was good today, I stuck to my guns at the picnic
I just finished off a yummo dessert 
dang this Weight Watchers better be working or I am going to be bummed out!!! 
I still have 41 weeklies left and only 2 days to go (I weigh in on Sunday) 
I have loved being able to actually EAT!!! 
ya better be workin... 
ya better 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Checkin in

I had to wing it tonight so I ordered off the "sides" menu

I have used a few weeklies but check those activity points .... Dude.... 


Tomorrow I am working a company picnic and what did I do? Packed all my food of course 

Like duh 

I am taking no chances on week #1 
Need to see a loss this week 

Later guys 

Less of me that is 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

feels like cheating

I always try to get these friggin pictures in order and it never works 
SF lime jello with pineapple and cottage cheese 
2 PP 

carrots and cucumbers 

Wheat tortilla with egg whites, onions, mushrooms and cheese 

new shoes!!! 
an hour of circuit training 


soo amazing tasting! holy guacamole! 
right side is Point friendly 
6 portions for 6 PP each 
left side is same recipe but fattened up 
hubby likes the full fat flavors 
This was a winner!!!! 

my 6 PP serving 

this was my desert... 
this is the thing I love about Weight Watchers I can move 
my points around so I am always having a treat at night 

ENTIRE pint of Arctic Zero ice cream (3 PP) 
and a Vita Brownie (3 PP) 

a snack earlier in the day 
cauliflower "rice" 
steamed rice that I smooshed until it was dry and added Bragg's aminos and Butter seasoning 
tasted like rice with soy sauce (zero points!) 

I will get back to where I was 

I feel like I have been cheating!!! 
I have only used one of my weekly points so far this week and earned 22 activity points 
I remember with Weight Watchers....

 when I think it's not working... keep going 
when I don't lose as fast as I want... keep going
when I have a bad week and gain.... keep going 

It will work 
(dang sure better after all that ) 

later guys and gals 
less of me that is 

Monday, July 28, 2014


My food I ate today 
Last night I planned it all out 

this dessert kept me on track all day 
It was good but I had it sooooo built up in my mind 
Vitatop, protein pudding, Fat Free cool whip and a bit of SF caramel 

my digits for dee day 

see ya tomorrow
less of me that is 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday AWESOME!!!

I rejoined Weight Watchers 



goal is 140.... I have regained 

yep I am a regainer 

No shame though.... screw dat!!! 
food in no particular order 

I love this stuff... I have discovered Halo protein ice cream... so good!!! 
but this was in the freezer 

I portioned out my creamer... I always "cut" my creamer with unsweetened almond milk 
but dang... I know I was easily having double this amount daily 
and this is 3 Points plus!! 

I didn't realize when I ordered it had green bell peppers
phooey, hack, gag 
picked dem suckers out and it was yummo 

veggies and 100 calorie pack of guacamole 


acorn squash and chicken 
I ate half the squash... hubby ate the rest 

weighted this out and had it as a snack 

cauliflower with Braggs liquid aminos and Molly McButter and some chicken 
tastes like chicken and rice with soy sauce 

da days digits 

see yall tomorrow 
and back to my losing tag line...
less of me that is 

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