Monday, July 14, 2014

Day #2 of reboot

Left the house this morning at 5AM, coffee and a Trader Jo's 80 calorie muffin for the commute 

I had 2 slices of high Fiber Bimbo toast and an egg white salad  


this was the snack I took to work; cucumbers, tomato and onions in sour cream 

I go to work prepared because I am surrounded by temptation ...
I didn't have any 

Fage and Strawberries

a handful or two of cherries 

kinda screwy picture but it is cauliflower, chicken and Walden Farms BBQ sauce  

and ALL day I was looking forward to this!!! and it did not disappoint! 
plus a Vitatop and 
I am done for the day 

Score another one for Karla :) 

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