Tuesday, July 29, 2014

feels like cheating

I always try to get these friggin pictures in order and it never works 
SF lime jello with pineapple and cottage cheese 
2 PP 

carrots and cucumbers 

Wheat tortilla with egg whites, onions, mushrooms and cheese 

new shoes!!! 
an hour of circuit training 


soo amazing tasting! holy guacamole! 
right side is Point friendly 
6 portions for 6 PP each 
left side is same recipe but fattened up 
hubby likes the full fat flavors 
This was a winner!!!! 

my 6 PP serving 

this was my desert... 
this is the thing I love about Weight Watchers I can move 
my points around so I am always having a treat at night 

ENTIRE pint of Arctic Zero ice cream (3 PP) 
and a Vita Brownie (3 PP) 

a snack earlier in the day 
cauliflower "rice" 
steamed rice that I smooshed until it was dry and added Bragg's aminos and Butter seasoning 
tasted like rice with soy sauce (zero points!) 

I will get back to where I was 

I feel like I have been cheating!!! 
I have only used one of my weekly points so far this week and earned 22 activity points 
I remember with Weight Watchers....

 when I think it's not working... keep going 
when I don't lose as fast as I want... keep going
when I have a bad week and gain.... keep going 

It will work 
(dang sure better after all that ) 

later guys and gals 
less of me that is 


  1. Wow, your dinner looks amazing. Cool color on your new shoes too. Lots of healthy food choices there, it is sure to do your body good.

  2. I can never let hubster know you exist - you prepare two different entrees. Love the shoes. I've looked for the Arctic Zero here and can't find it

    Awesome job you're doing. And you're right - keep going!


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