Thursday, July 31, 2014

Foodie Pen Pal

I signed up for a foodie pen pal this past month on the Lean Green Bean blog 

a fun gift exchange with fellow foodies 

I got a fun package from Victoria 

Hi Victoria!!! Hi Lindsay!!! 

It is simple, Linday's matches you up and you exchange ... easy peasy 

Victoria sent me some of her local spice favorites (yummo) 
a strawberry jam that is good with yogurt 
Granola, honey and a beef stick 

It was a very thoughtful package 

It was fun I signed up again

food was good today, I stuck to my guns at the picnic
I just finished off a yummo dessert 
dang this Weight Watchers better be working or I am going to be bummed out!!! 
I still have 41 weeklies left and only 2 days to go (I weigh in on Sunday) 
I have loved being able to actually EAT!!! 
ya better be workin... 
ya better 

1 comment:

  1. Given the spice brands you received, I'll bet I know where Victoria is from!

    You are rocking it with the plan - I'm proud of you!


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