Tuesday, July 15, 2014

good Morning, blah..blech...humph

ate on point the last 2 days
scale is going in the right direction
but as I type this post my fingers are stiff... achy
I have a headache ... I friggin woke up with a stinkin headache!!

I think it's the danged gluten

those yummo Vitatops may be yummy but it is a gluten overload for me
I have basically been gluten free ... mostly ... okay okay like 90%

there ya happy ... I confessed

tee hee

but I had read Grain Brain and Wheat Belly

and I was pretty much wheat free for the last ... oh maybe 4 months then the last few days

wow I. feel. awful!!!

so today I am going to lay off the wheat... keep on the path (Weight Watchers) I am going ... eating more vegetables ... which makes me way more gassy

sorry guys and gals 

so here we go 
day #3 

good morning and go out there and kick some bootay!!!

the last gif's got nuttin to do with nuttin....
just made me laugh 

1 comment:

  1. Ha ha on that last one. And, yes - you can do WW being gluten free! Trial and error...that's how we discover what works.


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