Sunday, August 24, 2014

I am who I am

so I was nervous to post 

anonymous's comment about chemical sh%t storm ... real food 
I felt like I should re-name my blog 
turn over a new leaf
only eat 100% hormone free, grain fed ... hippy dippy foods 

but that is not who I am 


I am who I am 

food issues and all 

all I can do is work through my issues and
 this is my forum to do this 

so now that that is outta da way on to today's events

I have an INTENSE work week ahead 
vegetable soup is cooking 

Starbucks.... before I dropped it in all of it's delishousness 
onto the floor 


nope... it's all on me 

vegetable soup all portioned out for the week 
and a bowl to eat 

egg whites on a low fat Eggo 

yummy and a yogurt 

these look awful! 
but they aren't 
I went onto Eggheads blog and made her little egg cups 
1/2 a wedge of laughing cow in each 
onions, bell peppers and a little bit of Canadian bacon 
with Egg Beaters 

this stuff is dangerous so yummo 

and m,y food is ready for the week 
1 have to work 6-12 hours days this week 
crazy life of a grocery store manager 

the egg beaters little cups cooling 

Trader Joe's egg white salad and Bimbo bread 

ready for the week 

it's all in your attitude 
and I am feeling very fortunate 
for all the blessing's in my life 

just keeping a positive attitude in spite of the chaos 

dats the plan Stan 

Saturday, August 23, 2014


woke up feeling awful 

anonymous's comment on the last post has me all in a dither 
so I am trying to chill. Funny the moment I read anonymous's comment I thought it was my daughter or sister in disguise 

yeah maybe I have an issue with food 
ya think 

I have always been the type of person that I am hardest on myself 

don't think I will find a gif on that ... 
Confidence has never been my strong point 

but I will work this out 
actually I owe a big thank you to anonymous
kind of a reality check 

I feel things and people and events are put in my life to show and teach me things 

so to add onto anonymous's in my brain 

I am listening to an audio book 
The Dresden files 

wrong Harry but whatever 

so Harry says something about people that eat those food bars to
 torture themselves because they feel they have to diet 

oh my Gawd 

freaked out much 

girlfriend here needs a reality check 

so today I am going to work out 
and eat.... take the stash of food bars to the gym and make the ladies happy 


keeping my calories around 1300-1400
or REAL food... not processed bars or packages... but food 

and chill 

and hope my pants fit on Monday 


Thursday, August 21, 2014

conveying the message via gif's

Karla's weight management lately 

what it feels like 

what the problem is 

every morning I think "this is the day!!!" 

but after work the same thing happens 


Weight Watchers just made me so danged smelly 
should I try WWers but with no processed foods, wheat or dairy? 
then whats the point of WWers? 
give low carb another try? 

dang dang dang dang 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Week 2 In review

I lost weight!!!

what the heck!!! actually 2.8 to be exact!!! 

well I won't be giving this up any time soon 
ah duh 

so let me think about this and fill in all the food gaps 

we went on vacation and I took some Quest bars... I know they are an addiction of mine but I wanted to have something I felt I could eat. Day one was the train there (if you have ever driven Southern California traffic you will totally understand why we went Amtrak!!!) I brought my food, was on point all cylindars clicking.... then came Seaport village and Ben and Jerry's.... OMG!!!! ice cream from heaven 

I got a waffle cone with Frozen Greek yogurt 
so so so so Good 
so amazing I actually had an ice cream cone every day we were there!!! 
okay there I confessed

dinner time... we were tired, relaxed, had been lazing by the pool and opted for just chips and guacamole and drinks for dinner... I don't drink so I did order 2 drink but didn't drink them.... so stupid. Well after day 1 we realized how ridiculously expensive food and drinks were so we went by a local grocery store and  got some food. Breakfast was a no brainer ... every place has egg white's and fruit 
but we got fruit, carrots, cucumbers, skinny popcorn, and food for my husband 

day 2 
I did better.... not amazing... by this time I am pretty much not counting points but also mindful 
we went to this great salad place on Yelp... ahhhh right by the Thai massage place.... errrr I don't think so
so we ended up at a Mexican food place 
not WWer friendly... I did the best I could 
and of course had a Waffle cone with Frozen yogurt, BUT I am thinking I walked about 6-7 miles per day 

day 3
again way better... 
stuck to WWer pretty much all day
we went to the Fish Market for dinner 
I just ordered steamed broccoli, roasted vegetabl;es and a ear of corn 
I was sooooo hungry for veggies
and saving points for my last waffle cone of the vacation 

Home and pretty much back to reality 

My vacation got cut short... and I had to get back to work 


but all in all a good week

tootles fellow blogger and WWer homies 

Saturday, August 9, 2014

next few days food prep

SF lime jello with crushed pineaspple, cottage cheese and shredded carrots


so many people.....

salad made with broccoli slaw, jicama, cucumber, cherry tomatoes and orange and red bell peppers 

this and a Vita top for dessert 
derp :P 

ahh spread the love 

in the back left green beans and edamame 
I use a lot of paper towels to absorb the moisture so my food will last the 5 days 
I cooked the green beans and edamame and put a paper towel in the plastic wear 
and had SF WaldenFarms on it 
after I discarded the damp paper towel 
but it saves the food 

I ordered Vitatops in bulk 
Love dem suckers 

Oh I wish 
so many people 
I would so love to 
feeling mean this morning 

and I portioned out my salad dressing so in the morning 
when I pack my food 
I don't gotta think
just grab 

this IS AMAZING!!!!!!!
1 carton egg beater
1 entire pack of Jimmy Dean turkey sausage crumbles
5 wedges laughing cow, cut into small pieces
some sauteed onions and pepper 
350 oven... for forever...
seriously it took about an hour to cook
4 point per serving
so dang dab yummo

story of my life 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

can I fix this week?

I didn't track in San Diego 
I ate too much 

week #2 on Weight Watchers and I screwed up 

it's like I somehow think if I follow enough Instagram people 
I will somehow start losing weight vicariously though them 
without trying 
does that happen? oh yeah righty O 

so I came home today 
went shopping, and cooked like a maniac

so at least the next 5 days I have a plan 

and no excuses 

I am still going to weigh 
Sunday morning 
in my garage 

how bad could it be .... really??

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