Thursday, August 21, 2014

conveying the message via gif's

Karla's weight management lately 

what it feels like 

what the problem is 

every morning I think "this is the day!!!" 

but after work the same thing happens 


Weight Watchers just made me so danged smelly 
should I try WWers but with no processed foods, wheat or dairy? 
then whats the point of WWers? 
give low carb another try? 

dang dang dang dang 


  1. Have you ever thought of switching your focus from weight loss to health? Your view of food is very black and white and you see it only as a tool to help you lose weight or one to make you gain. Food should be nourishing and your relationship to it should be one that allows you to see food as a tool for improving your health.

    You are imposing a tremendous amount of stress on yourself by cycling over and over again just to lose a few pounds. But in return you are sacrificing your physical, emotional and mental health. The reason you continue to binge is because of your disordered eating habits because of a poor relationship to food. If you invested as much time and energy into focusing on health and longevity instead of weight loss there is no doubt you will likely reach some of those goals you want to hit simply as a side effect! Your body is capable of regulating itself to be at a weight that it feels to be most comfortable but ONLY when you are consistently providing it with nutrient dense, whole foods. No "sugar free, fat free, comes in a box chemical shit storm" food that may be appealing because of it's low calories. But instead- whole foods made exactly as nature intended.

    It is not likely you will ever be satisfied with your weight, even when you hit your goal there will always be another. You're going to spend the better part of your life obsessing over food and gaining weight and for what? So that you're outward appearance is appealing? What about the inside? What about seeking to live a longer life free of disease and ailments? What about a longer life free from self imposed emotional and mental stress? Learning to love food and the wonderful things it can do for you can be such a therapeutic experience.

    Your outward obsession over food and weight loss is the result of an inward turmoil. You have to address those issues before you can ever truly be satisfied with yourself. There are eating coaches available that can help you to change your relationship with food and learn to address this constant cycle. They are people just like you who have done what you have done for years and finally decided they have had enough. It is something that I feel you could highly benefit from. You deserve to wake up every day feeling happy and whole, and your body is begging you to give it the nourishment and self love that it's been denied for so long.

  2. I recognize this pattern...I was stuck for a while. You`ll find what`s going to work Karla.

  3. I hear ya and feel the pain. Hope you find your rhythm soon. Keep trying.

  4. I thought the WW brought you losses the last 2 weeks? Stick with it, you know it works for you!

  5. Wow , your 'anonymous' comment while it can be rough seems to be a truth. At least that's how I feel about me. I copied it and sent it to myself in an email. I feel I'm working towards that attitude of health over the never to be reached goal of perfect weight , perfect body. That's the hardest part, accepting my body as it is after obesity and weight loss.


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