Saturday, August 2, 2014

Hollar August

the plan for yesterday 

getting all ready in der wee hours of da morn 

steam the frozen cauliflower 

smoosh it until the water is all out 

viola!!! cauliflower "rice" 

with "butter and soy" hahahahahah

so so so yummo 

this is how I thin out my creamer...
I started this because I bought regular creamer one time in a rush 
and I just always save the empty creamer container 
half unsweetened almond milk 
half creamer 
I think I will try this next time on that creamer that is all over Instagram 
the coconut Girl scout flavored creamer
oh YUM!!

this was the plan 
and I added a Vitatop 
and another
and another
and another 
and another 
and another 

then some trail mix 

hangs head in shame 

but I did track it all 

and I still have 15 weeklies left 
tomorrow is weigh in day 

I tracked my food today and even did a double check on my Fitness pal 
obsess much Karla!!!??? 

well tomorrow we will see what we will see 
see yall tonight 


  1. Gawd Karla - I love your blog - I'm always amazed at your humor and creativity!

    And there's no need to hang your head in shame - you tracked it and you got weeklies left.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for your weigh-in!

  2. you had how many vitatops? Are you staying near the bathroom for the next 24 hrs? I may try that creamer trick.

  3. That's what I loved about Weight Watchers. Sometimes when you blow it, the weekly points cover it. No more vita tops for you! ;) I'm with PJ about being near the bathroom after multiple vita tops. Maybe you'll shite them all out before weigh in and be down!

  4. I'm going it try that creamer trick in the morning.


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