Sunday, August 24, 2014

I am who I am

so I was nervous to post 

anonymous's comment about chemical sh%t storm ... real food 
I felt like I should re-name my blog 
turn over a new leaf
only eat 100% hormone free, grain fed ... hippy dippy foods 

but that is not who I am 


I am who I am 

food issues and all 

all I can do is work through my issues and
 this is my forum to do this 

so now that that is outta da way on to today's events

I have an INTENSE work week ahead 
vegetable soup is cooking 

Starbucks.... before I dropped it in all of it's delishousness 
onto the floor 


nope... it's all on me 

vegetable soup all portioned out for the week 
and a bowl to eat 

egg whites on a low fat Eggo 

yummy and a yogurt 

these look awful! 
but they aren't 
I went onto Eggheads blog and made her little egg cups 
1/2 a wedge of laughing cow in each 
onions, bell peppers and a little bit of Canadian bacon 
with Egg Beaters 

this stuff is dangerous so yummo 

and m,y food is ready for the week 
1 have to work 6-12 hours days this week 
crazy life of a grocery store manager 

the egg beaters little cups cooling 

Trader Joe's egg white salad and Bimbo bread 

ready for the week 

it's all in your attitude 
and I am feeling very fortunate 
for all the blessing's in my life 

just keeping a positive attitude in spite of the chaos 

dats the plan Stan 


  1. You are incredibly awesome!!! I can't believe you cook all that food - such a variety. I look at all the incredible recipes and think they look so good and then file it. I'm boring in my food.

  2. You are who you are and I like you! Your egg cups look cute.

  3. You're all prepped for the week, that's wonderful! You have a good balance of nutrition with an occasional goodie. These are all things you know will work for *you.* We each have issues all the time, some times more and some less. Try to hang in there, just don't quit. Sending good thoughts!

  4. I don't know what that Starbucks was but it looked awesome. I eat the same brand of yogurt- just tried the caramel machiatto flavor....awesome. Do I eat it every day? no. but It's nice to have and I don't feel bad about it. one says you have to do a complete flip on what you eat in a day or how you think about your approach to food / body weight . It's a process. It would take some help and getting out of your comfort zone.

    I've learned I will never , ever, ever be a no carb, no sugar person. I'm sure a lot happier and saner person when I don't try to be one either. . Learning to balance it out is new and scary and freeing....and never perfect.

  5. We love you just the way you are. Come back Karla. :)


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