Saturday, August 9, 2014

next few days food prep

SF lime jello with crushed pineaspple, cottage cheese and shredded carrots


so many people.....

salad made with broccoli slaw, jicama, cucumber, cherry tomatoes and orange and red bell peppers 

this and a Vita top for dessert 
derp :P 

ahh spread the love 

in the back left green beans and edamame 
I use a lot of paper towels to absorb the moisture so my food will last the 5 days 
I cooked the green beans and edamame and put a paper towel in the plastic wear 
and had SF WaldenFarms on it 
after I discarded the damp paper towel 
but it saves the food 

I ordered Vitatops in bulk 
Love dem suckers 

Oh I wish 
so many people 
I would so love to 
feeling mean this morning 

and I portioned out my salad dressing so in the morning 
when I pack my food 
I don't gotta think
just grab 

this IS AMAZING!!!!!!!
1 carton egg beater
1 entire pack of Jimmy Dean turkey sausage crumbles
5 wedges laughing cow, cut into small pieces
some sauteed onions and pepper 
350 oven... for forever...
seriously it took about an hour to cook
4 point per serving
so dang dab yummo

story of my life 

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  1. I like to wear mismatched socks myself!

    There is no way you can't NOT be successful. Planning and preparing your food ahead like that is AWESOME!

    I saw the Arctic Zero at my local grocery store - but they only had the chocolate peanut butter - doesn't sound appealling, but I'll keep checking for different flavors.


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