Sunday, August 3, 2014

Week 1 recap

thoughts thoughts thoughts my head is spinning with Weight loss thoughts 

I used my Fitness Pal yesterday 
just to see if Weight Watchers was within a reasonable calorie count 

it was 

I ate like a real normal person last week 
a lot of vegetables

I limited the fruit to 2 servings a day 
I ate gluten 
and I was FULL!!! 

and I was skeptical as to whether or not all this eating was going to produce a weight loss 

well it did!!!!!!!!!

woot woot 

now it was weird though 
I weighed this morning in the garage in my undies 
thoughts in my head 

"Karla is this cheating? you aren't at a meeting!!"
"Did I cheat? cause I am in undies and not the clothes I joined in?"
"2.4!! awesome... ahh hummmm hummm really?? where are the 150's.... dang this isn't working"
"2.4!!! are you insane Karla it did work!!! stick to it!!!"

one of THEE biggest difference in this last week was other than the 
5 vitatop night 
which I totally tracked 
I.Did.Not. binge!!! 
7 days and not binge!! 

that is a frealking record for me 

so what are my challenges for week 2? 
We are going on vacation to San Diego 
BUT!! I am quite the control freak

I can do sun, relaxing AND stay on track. 

Breakfast is always easy to stay on track 
and I can hit the local grocery store for some veggies, fruit and yogurt

I can do this! 
I will do this! 

so chores today

and just chilling around the house 
we leave tomorrow 


  1. Enjoy your trip and congratulations not only on a sweet weigh in but no binge eating!!

  2. Hope you don't get here (SD) before Monday. Weather today/sunday is pretty crappy, but supposed to improve soon. Enjoy! :) GREAT carne asada steak and eggs at Adam's Steak and Eggs on Hotel Circle! :)

  3. Way to go Karla! Have a great vacation.

  4. Hey well done and have a great trip.

    All the best Jan


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