Sunday, August 10, 2014

Week 2 In review

I lost weight!!!

what the heck!!! actually 2.8 to be exact!!! 

well I won't be giving this up any time soon 
ah duh 

so let me think about this and fill in all the food gaps 

we went on vacation and I took some Quest bars... I know they are an addiction of mine but I wanted to have something I felt I could eat. Day one was the train there (if you have ever driven Southern California traffic you will totally understand why we went Amtrak!!!) I brought my food, was on point all cylindars clicking.... then came Seaport village and Ben and Jerry's.... OMG!!!! ice cream from heaven 

I got a waffle cone with Frozen Greek yogurt 
so so so so Good 
so amazing I actually had an ice cream cone every day we were there!!! 
okay there I confessed

dinner time... we were tired, relaxed, had been lazing by the pool and opted for just chips and guacamole and drinks for dinner... I don't drink so I did order 2 drink but didn't drink them.... so stupid. Well after day 1 we realized how ridiculously expensive food and drinks were so we went by a local grocery store and  got some food. Breakfast was a no brainer ... every place has egg white's and fruit 
but we got fruit, carrots, cucumbers, skinny popcorn, and food for my husband 

day 2 
I did better.... not amazing... by this time I am pretty much not counting points but also mindful 
we went to this great salad place on Yelp... ahhhh right by the Thai massage place.... errrr I don't think so
so we ended up at a Mexican food place 
not WWer friendly... I did the best I could 
and of course had a Waffle cone with Frozen yogurt, BUT I am thinking I walked about 6-7 miles per day 

day 3
again way better... 
stuck to WWer pretty much all day
we went to the Fish Market for dinner 
I just ordered steamed broccoli, roasted vegetabl;es and a ear of corn 
I was sooooo hungry for veggies
and saving points for my last waffle cone of the vacation 

Home and pretty much back to reality 

My vacation got cut short... and I had to get back to work 


but all in all a good week

tootles fellow blogger and WWer homies 


  1. Karla - that is awesome!!!! You ROCK!

    Too bad you had to go back to work early...that sucks.

  2. I'll bet you did a ton of walking too :)
    Congratulations on a sweet weigh in even if your vacation was cut short

  3. You lost weight on vacation???? Let's hope the scale is that kind to me on Wed. my weigh in after vacation!


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