Tuesday, September 16, 2014

a New Day

getting things back on track sometimes is such a struggle 
then all of a sudden things just click 

click back into place like the gears of a clock 

weird huh? 

So this morning we are flying off on a beautiful multi-city Europe tour 

hahahaaha ahhh no 

off to beautiful Portland to stay on a Tugboat 

odd, huh??!! 

It is going to be sooo fun 


and it is a floating houseboat, entire kitchen 
so I have a bit more control over my choices and I have COFFEE in the morning 

so posts may be scarce but I WILL check in 
back on da rails baby 
and feeling positive 

tootles bloggity family 


  1. A houseboat sounds like a great way to spend your vacation. I hope you have so much fun. Coffee in the morning is essential! :)

  2. A tugboat?!?!!? Awesome!!!! Have a wonderful time Karla!!


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