Monday, September 22, 2014

Fed up?

I watched the movie Fed up yesterday 
OH MY GAWD!!! you have to watch it!! 
go now 
rent it 
buy it!! 
watch it!! 

I was looking at food labels all day today
even some of my vitamins have sugar!!

no wonder.... it makes sense.... sugar in excess = food addiction 

my beloved Vitatops ... 11 grams of sugar 122% of your daily recommended allowance 


today's sugars: 18...  dang that's good 
and I had ZERO cravings today BUT I did have artificial sweeteners and when you have artificial sweeteners (according to the movie) you crave sugar (I also found this) 

that what kind of sucks about diet and exercise... (and sobriety... throw that on the fire) 

when you know what's good for you and the science behind it (as I understand it) then you kind of can't .... unlearn it.... 


so here are a few of my breakfast essssss.

egg white omelette with asparagus, onions and mushrooms with tomatoes 
ahhh yummo 

egg whites with onions and mushrooms 
.5 oz of cheese 
Pico Pica taco sauce 

Good night bloggity crew 


  1. It's crazy how sugar is in everything that we eat. Have you heard of the 21 day sugar detox? I attempted it, but never finished. It's so hard. I will attempt again in the near future though!!

  2. Most people don't even think about how much sugar they are getting.

  3. Dr. Yoni Freedoff, a Canadian obesity expert, writes a lot about this subject - the hidden sugars in food making us all fat and addicted to sugar. It's something that needs to change politically. Our food industry has made us fat. You can Google this Dr. as his blog is filled with interesting facts regarding weight loss and maintenance. He always says you can't outrun your fork - food intake affects weight, exercise affects overall health.


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