Friday, September 26, 2014


It's like when you've made up your mind and you're done!!! 
nobody's get in your way
Laser focus 

no food is going to divert you from the mission 

You are doing this!!! 

Consuming the calorie count to lose doing the cardio to lose! Fitness Pal says you are on a losing trend 

and every morning you get on the scale and it's the same and then the next day it's the same in the next day it's the same

Wow really!!!???

Well screw you scale!!! 
I know how I lose weight (been there done that) and I don't inch down. This happens then morning I get on the scale and it's down 5 pounds!!! Plus I have upped my cardio and the strain on my muscles could be making me hold water!! Or maybe my body is freaking out and holding onto the weight... "hey Karla... where are those cupcakes?" 

It's like the universe is testing me 

hey Karla... Are you serious 
Hey Karla ... Can you handle slow results 
Hey Karla.., nah nah nah nah nah 

Again Ha 
I will not deviate! I will do this!!
See Ya tomorrow 

And I will be holding my head up proud no matter what the scale says, because I have a plan and goals for today and by Gawd I am going to get the results I am working for 

Whether it takes me a day, week, month, 6 months or a year 

Because times is going to pass anyway so I want to feel good about my focus and commitment 


That's all we have to deal with today 

See Ya Bloggity crew 



  1. I'm the same way; I Weigh on Saturday mornings. I can step on the scale all week long until Thursday and if anything it might say I gained weight. Then by Friday or Saturday I will have "magically" lost 4 pounds.

    So I try to avoid the scale as much as possible. Besides, it's not the number I really care about, it's about being and feeling healthy!

  2. BAM!!! You've got this! Ain't nothing gonna stop you!


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