Saturday, September 20, 2014

Going to get on a jet plane!

So yesterday's food was meh :|
The food was good! But too many calories. Today we are headed home but I HIGHLY recommend Airbnb check it out we stayed in a beautiful tugboat for $165 a night and enjoyed it immensely! 

I am anxious to see my weight tomorrow morning 

I know I didn't gain this trip! 
Traveling and dieting can be a bit challenging 

We are going to take our lunches with us to the airport to avoid airport food 

Tootles Bloggity homies 

Tee hee 

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  1. To not gain on a trip is equal to losing 10 pounds in my mind! You are amazing! Most of us use vacation time to splurge. Boat sounds interesting. One of our best trips was on a "Junk Boat" in Halong Bay, Vietnam.


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