Sunday, September 14, 2014

I wonder

why do I sabotage myself?
I know what to do... I have done it
am I afraid to be successful again?
afraid of the attention that comes with a weight loss?
this is not a food thing
this is a mind thing
deeper than donuts and candy
It is about needing to value myself
nurture myself
understanding that I am worth the effort
I am an awesome lady
and if a friend was being treated like this by someone


so today I am going to remember all the reasons I am awesome
and why I need/should and do love myself

isn't it a conundrum that we point at folks and say

"oh my gawd they are so narcissist"
"so self centered"
"it's all about them"

that to be a good person you need to live for others
help others
think of others

maybe taking care of yourself (myself) frees me up to do just that


thoughtful morning

10's are even tight .... boo


  1. You ARE awesome! We are having similar issues. We'll get it figured out.

  2. Ah Karla, I hear the pain in your writing. I sincerely pray that you will understand your value and self lworth as you get back on track to eating the way you need to. Now's the time...believe me, you don't want to see the 200's again and battle down from there. I'm rooting for you!


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